Sadly had to work all weekend, which is a real bummer cos I think this idea had huge potential :/

So to clear some things up, when you've thrown all the dice, the red square that appears is the enemy, it's HP is top right. The damage you deal is the total of the dice rolled. It'll then damage you and back things go.

Regarding the "attack or heal" part, though your asked halfway through throwing your dice, both still happen at the end of the turn (how much you heal is based off of the dice total as well).


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The flickering of the stats feels a bit fast and the prompt to attack or heal I feel would work better after all rolls have been completed, as it breaks the flow a little too much for me. It seems like this idea would have had good potential to me as well, are you not able to work on it at a later date?


Yeah I'm still working on it, a lot of things I had to just leave for the jam submission knowing they were unpolished.

The idea of having the prompt to attack appear after all dice are rolled is interesting to bring up though. My goal with putting it mid turn is to have the player kind of have to bet on how well things are going? "I've got a 6 RN, is that good enough to heal or should I risk leaving it til next turn" is the kind of thing I'm wanting to see. With the current game, there's also additional spells you can cast EG one to reroll the dice or rotate them each 90^. On one hand, I like that it taking place mid turn forces the player to make bets and predictions about how well they'll do, but on the other I do think you're right about it breaking pace a bit, it also feels quite arbitrary.