How to play:

Your only agency is to order the squadron and to control what news they do/do not hear. Plenty of news may be bad, but if they don't hear any they're mental state is going to get unstable. Alternatively, if they do hear bad news, they're mental state is going to get unstable. It's not an easy situation.

On the right are your options:

The first button brings up news, each article can be clicked to toggle if it is or isn't broadcast. 

The second is your map. Keep an eye on it to know which news may affect soldiers.

Third is the squad order. A man can get hopeless at the back, and man can get cocky at the front. If he gets hit whilst on an ego trip, he's gona start losing it. Drag around the profiles to change the order.

Keep hopes high and stability won't tank as quickly. Keep ego and hopes high and you won't have so many casualties. 


 - Stability

 - Hope

 - Ego

 - Medical forces

 - Enemy forces


Design ,programming & animation by myself (Brandon JS Lea)

Composition & SFX by Alexa Thanos:

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Art by DieAnto:

Disclaimer: The game was updated a couple of hours after the end of the jam period to fix a couple of serious bugs and rebalance a couple of numbers 


Ludum49 (2).zip 2 MB

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