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Pay in blood jam, profit in blood jam!

As a headless body, collect blood in a desperate attempt to survive. Whilst the blood acts as your remaining life, it also allows you to preform consecutive jumps for a cost.

Get the highest score you can by jumping atop enemies on two layers of moving platforms. Bouncing between enemies without landing or getting hit will allow you to score a combo which not only increases the amount of blood but also collects all on screen blood at that time.


  • Up : Jump (Double Jump)
  • Down (In Air) : Stomp
  • Left/Right : Move Left/Right

Created by Brandon Lea

Published Jul 16, 2017
Tags1-bit, 2D, Arcade

Install instructions

  1. Extract the zip folder
  2. Open up the folder and run nw.exe


Jam Jar V1 Windows.zip 51 MB

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