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The loading bar is stalling at ~90% for me, on chrome and internet explorer. I'm only getting the issue here; it seems to work fine on other websites.

Thanks for letting me know. This seems to be a thing that can just randomly happen sometimes on any site. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


I definitely need an easy mode XD  I'm kinda bad at it...


I found this game by scrolling through most recent and have really enjoyed what I played!

The mashup of a 2D Platformer, SHMUP and twin stick shooter fits really well together. I especially like how the game plays differently each time, with the additon of randomized powerups at the end of each room.

My only gripes with the game is the lack of any download links to play the game offline and the lack of explanation for how some of the powerups work, as well as what your stats mean (other than health).